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Income tax in India is a tax paid by individuals or entities depending on the level of earnings or gains during a financial year. The earnings may be both actual and notional. The Government of India decides the rate of income tax as well as income tax slabs on which individuals are taxed. Those under higher income slabs are taxed at higher rates. The taxable income slabs are changed from time to time, keeping in mind the price levels. Sometimes, the government also provides income tax rebates, which benefit people in the lower-income group. To collect long-term funds, the government also provides income tax incentives. The amount invested in tax-saving schemes is deducted from gross income, which reduces the amount of taxable income and benefits the taxpayer.

A Full List of Services we Include are Below:

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Application, correction or surrender of PAN.

Tax Planning

Advising on planning and tax saving options of capital gain tax on sale of house property.

Return filing

Preparation of Computation of income, tax planning, tax payment and filing return of income and claiming refund.


  • Preparation and presentation before income tax officer for summary assessment, scrutiny assessment, limited assessment and penalty proceedings.
  • Preparation and presentation before income tax authority for stay of demand

Repatriation of fund

Filing of form 15CA/CB for repatriation of funds out of India.

Other Compliance

Linking of Aadhar with PAN, pre validation of Bank account and e-verification of online forms.

Tax Deducted at Source

Advising on applicability of Tax deduction at source(TDS), payment and filing of TDS statements.

Response to notices

Response to notices received from income tax department pre/post filing of return of income i.e. compliance for non filing of return, intimation for defective return, adjustment of refund against old outstanding demands, etc.


Preparation and filing of appeal against order of income tax authority before Commissioner of Income tax(Appeal).


Tracking of refund and request for re-issue of refund.

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We Know The Importance Of Delivering The Best Customer Experience.