Bookkeeping and cloud accounting Multi-National Bookkeeping and Accounting Services by ANGlobal

We often use the terms accounting and bookkeeping interchangeably as they appear to be the same profession. However, both of these professions have their own unique responsibilities and roles.

Although both accounting and bookkeeping are commonly used interchangeably, the two professions have functional overlaps. Both of them deal with financial data and prepare reports.

Due to the rapid emergence and evolution of new technologies such as cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, the scope of practice in this area has changed significantly. This is expected to require individuals with both technical and accounting knowledge.


A Full List of Services we Include are Below:

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  • Bookkeeping and cloud accounting service for individuals, firms, and companies depending upon the status located in any part of the world.
  • Setting up of Accounting System for new or existing business using tally, quickbooks, zoho, etc.​

Accounting Standards

Compilation of periodical and final accounts as per accepted accounting standards.

Inventory accounting

Inventory accounting and asset Accounting management.


Preparation of various reports and ratios for better understanding of the financial position of business such as cash flow, fund flow, budget vs. actual, outstanding reports, etc.

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